Saturday, October 27, 2012

400 pink umbrellas

An art installation at Vitosha boulevard dedicated to the 10th anniversary of Avon's breast cancer campaign. 


Lachezar said...

Great installation and beautiful photograph!

Anonymous said...

Hope the photographer did not mind but I posted the link with the pic at

It's a group where people from all over the world post "pink" events and campaigns related to the fight of breast cancer.


aphotoaday said...

Love it!

Rachael said...

Hi there,

I'm the managing editor of a health site, and I came across your blog while researching breast cancer awareness images. I'd love to feature the photo of the umbrellas in an article one of our breast cancer advocates wrote. The image would be used for educational purposes only, and we'll give full photo credits, as well as a link to your blog (if you'd like). Please let me know if you're willing to let us use this image, and how you'd like us to list attributions.

Thank you so much,
Rachael Maier

Managing Editor,