Wednesday, July 15, 2009

14th of July

Yesterday reception in the French embassy - "vive la France"!
Captured on "Oboriste" street.


Leif Hagen said...

Bonjour les francais! Happy Bastille Day! Great capture of the Sofia diplomatic VIPs! I wonder what they were having for lunch?! The entertainment?!

M. said...

:-) some "mises en bouche", and french cheese for lunch ;-)

pranksygang said...

Happy Bastille Day!!! gr8 shot!!

sturgeone said...

Am enjoying your photos very much....thanks from SC, USA.

Mummy said...

Dear Sofia,
Hi! I`m Sónia and I saw your blog casually.
I love your photos. Hope you continue to put here a lot of great photos to us enjoy it.
Kisses from Portugal

Lachezar said...

Brings up memories ;)
It used to be a common sight in the old days. Newer Mercedes models now and the glaring absence of some car makes that used to be a common feature then... Nice work, Cheers Tony!