Monday, March 23, 2009

peanuts for everyone

You can buy the peanuts in the "Borissovata gradina" park.


lemon said...

I would give you a first prize city daily blog for this photo!
That is the kind of scenes I want to know about other cities, countries, people.

Bulgariana said...

Така ми се ядат семки!

Jacob said...

Delightful. I'd guess that woman has a good sense of humor and great stamina. I'd buy some peanuts from her in a heartbeat. She looks a little cold, though.

Super photo!

lachezar said...

Wonderful capture and great image! Peanuts, sunflower and pumpkin seeds... beautiful!

manja said...

Delacroix läßt grüßen - die rot-blau-weiße tricolore mit dem zerfransten loch der decke... Kunst halt, keine Wunst