Thursday, October 23, 2008

hand work

At "Aleksander Nevski" cathedrale place, waiting for tourists, fans of the fancy and lace work, embrioderies and other hand made pieces mostly very pleasant grannies are offering their art. I love to talk with them, they are allways very positive, smiling, showing this and that, and of course not to waste the time, the hands are working and working.


Tash said...

This is very beautiful hand-crafted work (rucni rad). I have a couple of hand embroidered blouses and tablecloths from Serbia. I hope this art does not disapear. My aunt is travelling in Croatia & Serbia visiting relatives & cannot find much of the hand-crafted souvenirs - THEY ARE MADE IN CHINA! You have a treasure there.
BTW - I have a blog award for you on my PVDP, just to say that I really enjoy your photos and how you depict Sofia on your blog.

D said...

What beautiful work.
Even more amazing is that it is handmade. You just don't see that much anymore.

alaya said...

very beautiful, i'd love to have them at home