Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Today is St Sofia day - also celebrated as the day of Sofia. I couldn't see the celebration ceremonies, but on my way home I catch the srteet performance of acrobats from Narni. The next seven days artists, acrobats, performers, musicians will take care for a little bit Italian atmosphere in our city.
Captured in "Zaimov" park, just in front of theater "Sofia"


JM said...

Very eye-catching photo! The reds are amazing as well as the flags movement.
Good shot!

Laurie said...

Your color choices here are exquisite. I love this!

Hilda said...

Wow, the red really stands out. I hope you enjoy the festivities! The performances sound great.

lachezar said...

I really like this one! Perfect gray and dark red combination!
Cheers Tony!