Thursday, March 06, 2008

the monument

The monument of STEFAN STAMBOLOV (1854-1895), Bulgarian statesman in the "Crystal" garden.
His policy was characterized by the goal to preserve Bulgarian independence. During his leadership Bulgaria was transformed from an Ottoman province into a modern European state.
Unfortunately was barbarously attacked and mortally wounded by his political enemies, in a street near this garden.


Rafa said...

Really nice photo

is there a reason for the crack in the forehead? I mean, was it designed that way or it just broke at some point?

Antonia said...

the vertical cleft splitting the face is an allusion to the way he was murdered - with a sabre blow to the head

Palm Axis said...

Thank you for providing the history and concept behind the design. The way he appears to hover in space. Makes me fearful for the safety of the little girl.
Is this art work recently created?

lachezar said...

I liked this sculpture very much, took a couple of shots myself too... Good that you included the little girl in the photograph! Good one!