Sunday, February 24, 2008


For the day of Baba Marta - the 1st of March we have a tradition to exchange white and red threads for good health during the year.
The legend says that the martenitza protects the people and the household from the evil spirit of the winter.
Some people makes the Martenitzi for their families and friends themself, but others prefere to bye them. Now, the last weekend before 1st of March the streets are full of young and old people selling martenitzi, different outlook, according the phantasy of the creators, but on the basis of red and white threads.


yoshi said...

What a nice custom!

Anonymous said...

Nice idea and bright colors are nice.

Clueless in boston said...

It is a nice custom and they look so festive and bright. Just what is needed to end the winter doldrums. Good health to you!

Lachezar said...

A wonderful and unique tradition of ours, I really miss it!