Monday, November 05, 2007

yellow carpet

nature transformations - yellow trees to yellow carpet
the lapidarium-corner in the doctors garden


Zsolt said...

oh yes..:) we have very simila yellow carpets in Budapest, too!

Anonymous said...

Our yellow carpets have gone, but I am interested in those old stones.
What kind of building it has been there and when and ??

Your country has a lot of ancient places.

It could nice to see something about them.

Jackie said...

Lovely photo!

I was interested to see the English writing on one of the stones - it was about the US Embassy's funding of the restoration of the garden.

lachezar said...

Toni please correct me if my memory or fact fail me, but this is the story the way I remember it:

This is a small beautiful green patch in central Sofia. Its called the "Doctors garden" because of the monument to medical doctors fallen in the wars.

Its a quite expensive area of the city of central Sofia, the area in which most foreign embassies are located.

Some time during the late seventies or early eighties, an apartment block for high ranking communist functionaries was built adjacent to the park.

One of them a writer and arts lover wanted to surround himself with
history so he can admire it from his window and walk his dog in its

So this is how all these ancient artifacts some of them thousands years old collected from archaeological sites all over Bulgaria landed in this place...

Antonia said...

yes, Lacho, you can still relay on your memory!
But something new for you - the ex US ambassador James Pardew (you know his residence is not far away) took the initiative for organizing a club of “the Doctors garden freinds”. Now the garden is in very good condition and is a favorite relaxing corner for all the people from the neighborehood and not only. The students from the music secondary school across the street are also making concerts some Sundays (of course when the weather is more friendly).